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We know that sometimes things go wrong and your tenant(s) need a quick response and repair to get their electrics back up and running. We offer a fault diagnosis and repair service identifying a number of faults including tripped circuits, blown fuses, faulty sockets & switches, flickering lights and more complex wiring faults.

Our team of professional electricians will be able identify and repair most electrical faults on their first visit. An initial visual inspection will be carried out to identify any loose connections, water damage or signs of burning. If nothing obvious is causing the fault, electrical testing will be carried out using our fault-finding equipment. If more extensive works are required on discovery of the issue, you will be consulted with your options and a full quote will be issued before any further work is undertaken.

MJF Electrician installing a socket
A hand flicking switch of fuse board

Why is the fuse board tripping?


Your fuse board is designed to keep you safe and cut off the flow of electricity if it detects a fault. A fuse board that keeps tripping is the sign of an electrical issue in your home, typically a faulty appliance, faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit. Our skilled electricians will be able to identify what is causing the fuse board to trip and increase the electrical capacity if required.

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