PAT Testing for Landlords

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Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure electrical equipment is safe for its intended use. Failure to uphold your duty of care to the tenant could result in a negligence claim if they were harmed.

What is a PAT test?

PAT testing stands for ‘portable appliance testing’. It involves both visual checks and testing of portable electrical appliances to ensure they meet the required safety standards.

A portable appliance is defined as any item that can be moved and unplugged from a power supply including kettles, toasters, lamps, washing machines, fridges and freezers. It can also include items which are fixed but have their own plug socket such as heated towel rails.

A group of home appliances

Is PAT testing a legal requirement for landlords?

It is not a legal requirement to carry out a specific test however, it is your legal obligation to ensure all appliances you supply are safe. The best way to do this is a hire a professional electrician so you have both the peace of mind and the certificates to prove you have carried out your legal responsibilities. If your tenant was harmed due to an appliance you would be able to provide evidence that you did everything reasonable to safeguard them.

Approximately 53.4% of domestic fires have an electrical origin and 25.9% are due to faulty appliances (statistics by Electrical Safety First).


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