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Domestic Electric Vehicle
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MJF – EV Charging Solutions are a sub-division of MJF Electrical Ltd who specialise in the installation of EV Charging Points across Gloucestershire.

MJF – EV Charging Solutions are accredited and qualified installers of home EV Charging Points.

Get ahead with the electric revolution and join over 1 million other plug-in vehicles on the road in the UK. 2021 saw more electric vehicles being registered than ever before, despite supply issues posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As electric cars have grown in popularity, the demand for public charging spaces has increased. Now is a good time to consider installing a domestic standalone EV charging station.


What are the Benefits of an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles provide benefits to the planet, your pocket and your lifestyle:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and take steps towards a greener planet. Electric cars do not emit the same damaging fumes that petrol/diesel cars do.

  • Charging your car is cheaper than fuel bills and can be carried out overnight from the comfort of your own home, saving time on regular trips to the petrol station where you might experience shortages and long queues.

  • Conventional petrol/diesel car engines have more parts that are liable to fail compared to their electric counterparts, potentially leading to costly and more frequent garage bills.

  • Electric cars are exempt from road tax.

What are the benefits of installing a home EV charging point?

  • The installation of an EV charging point at home ensures you achieve an optimal charge for your vehicle every day.
  • The convenience and flexibility of charging at home saves you having to stop at public charging stations. The recent surge in new electric vehicles has made these spots increasingly in demand and leave your car vulnerable to theft and vandalism.
  • Basic wall charging can take over 24 hours and sockets may be located inconveniently, leading to the use of dangerous extension leads. A standalone EV charging unit is a much safer and quicker way to charge your vehicle.
  • Fast charging and smart units are available, providing you with a range of useful features including fault protection and app-controlled charging.
  • Increase your property value, with the surge in electric vehicles, a driveway with an EV charging point installed is an attractive benefit for potential buyers.
  • When combined with a renewable energy tariff or solar/wind power, charging your car at home is one of the greenest and money saving solutions.

How Much Will It Cost?

Please download our price list below for our 4 most popular EV Chargers. Please note all prices are inclusive of VAT.

There are other options available and we are happy to install your preferred choice of EV Charger.

Costs will vary dependant on the choice of charger and additional features.


Download Price List
    • You must have permission to install the charger on your property
    • The property’s earthing must comply with regulations
    • No groundwork will be undertaken
    • If the cable run is more than 15 metres from the charging point to consumer unit, additional charges may apply

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