Commercial EV Charging

EV Chargers for the Workplace

MJF – EV Charging Solutions provide electric vehicle charging solutions to a variety of businesses across Gloucestershire.

Our team of electrical specialists are accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and can claim back up to £40,000 for your business via the Workplace Charging Scheme.

With more than 1 million plug-in vehicles on the road in the UK and more electric vehicles being registered in 2021 than ever before, their growing popularity is evident. As the demand for public charging spaces increases, now is a good time for businesses to consider expanding the charging network.

MJF – EV Charging Solutions offer bespoke EV Charging packages to suit your needs, regardless of the size or scale of your business. We offer a free site survey so we can determine the right EV chargers for your workplace.

EV Charging Point Benefits

Installing EV Charging points at your business premises generates a number of benefits for your business, employees, customers and the environment.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and position your business as an eco-friendly corporation and a leader in sustainability. EV Charging points demonstrate your company’s commitment towards offsetting the environmental impact of your operations

  • Free EV Charging can be used as an employee incentive, making you an attractive and innovative employer leading to increased levels of productivity and decreased staff turnover

  • Generate income by charging visitors for using the facilities

  • Customers in retail or hospitality sectors are likely to spend longer periods of time in your premises whilst waiting for car charging

  • Save on running costs by switching your company cars or fleet of vans to electric vehicles

  • Purchasing electric vehicles for your business makes you eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances

OZEV Workplace grant

You may be eligible to claim up to £14,000 towards the costs of installing EV Chargers for your business. The grant covers up to 75% of the total costs towards the purchase and installation of EV Charging points: £350 per socket and up to 40 sockets per applicant.


  • You must be registered business, charity or public sector organisation
  • Be either a public authority or have received less than £200,000 in public support in the last 3 financial years
  • Have dedicated off-street parking
  • Own the property or have consent from the landlord for the points to be installed
  • Demonstrate a need for EV Chargers or an intent to encourage uptake amongst staff/fleet
  • Be located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

You can find out more information about eligibility for the grant here.

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We also offer Domestic EV Charging

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We also offer Domestic EV Charging

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