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MJF Electrical have extensive experience within the commercial sector and offer cost-effective and efficient lighting designs to suit the needs of your business. Our services include full lighting design and installation as well as upgrades, repairs and energy-saving programmes.


All commercial premises rely on lighting to ensure the safety and productivity of their staff. It can also be utilised as a tool to attract customers. We have the knowledge and expertise to suggest the best lighting solutions for your needs.

Types of Lighting

  • We work closely with offices and schools to install or repair bright, focussed lighting suited to the needs of desk workers

  • Warehouse and factory lighting is integral for the safety and efficiency of your staff. High bay LED lighting is recommended for anywhere that needs uniform illumination over a wide area and typically works perfectly in warehouses, distribution centres and sports facilities

  • We know your shop front displays are a work of art and need to be well lit to showcase your business

  • Poorly lit signs are unlikely to attract any attention from potential clients, especially on gloomy winter evenings. We can help make your signs stand out from the crowd with a range of sign lighting solutions

  • Emergency lighting is designed to illuminate the route to safety when mains power fails. Emergency lighting is required by law under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We will happily advise you on what your legal obligations are as well as design, install and maintain your emergency lighting

  • Security lighting should be combined with a good CCTV system to prevent crime. We offer PIR, motion sensor lighting, which is activated when it detects movement for enhanced safety or smart systems that work in conjunction with your cameras for ultimate peace of mind

Energy-Saving Programmes

Many companies are wasting tens of thousands of pounds a year on their energy consumption. With the substantial rise in energy bills, businesses simply cannot afford to continue down the same path without making changes to their electrical setup. MJF Electrical work with you to put together a plan of energy-saving initiatives to save your business money and help to protect the planet. Lighting design is often one of the key areas we can upgrade to help cut costs.


LED Upgrade:

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is highly energy efficient, safer and longer lasting than its halogen/incandescent predecessor. Surprisingly, we find numerous premises have still not yet upgraded to LED lighting throughout.

Benefits of LED:

  • Energy Efficient – they use 75-80% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Longer Lifespan – they can last up to 150,000 hours compared to 4000 hours
  • Recyclable
  • They do not get hot to touch, reducing the risk of fire or burns
  • Provide stronger and more directional lighting

You could save up to 75% on your energy bill by switching to an LED lighting setup.

Low Traffic Areas:

Another popular initiative that can help you save money is installing motion sensor lighting in low traffic areas such as stairwells or hallways.

We can help create a full programme of energy saving cuts suited to your business, incorporating both lighting and other power initiatives.


Contact us to discuss your commercial lighting needs or set up an energy saving consultation. Call us on 01684 607030 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch