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MJF Electrical are an innovative Gloucestershire based electrical company leading the way with the installation of the latest smart home technology.


Technology has advanced rapidly over the last 20 years and continues to do so at an unprecedented pace. It’s revolutionised every aspect of our work, home and social lives with access to limitless information and entertainment at the touch of a button.

Smart home technology is becoming an increasingly popular feature in the 21st century home. The rapid adoption of smart voice-controlled assistants in the home over the last 2 years indicates the speed in which the market is growing. Figures from Statista found that in 2019 only 20% of adults owned a smart speaker in the UK, this rose to over 50% in 2021.

At MJF Electrical we have vast experience in the installation of Smart home technology, from simple app-based products such as NEST (which combines your heating, CCTV, Video doorbell and smoke detector) to full home automation systems.

What are the advantages of a smart home system?

  • Turn off lights and appliances remotely and schedule them for when you need them, saving unnecessary energy expenditure

  • See who is at your door and control your lighting from the palm of your hand, wherever you are in the world, to keep your home safe

  • Always keep your home at the perfect temperature and arrive home to a warm and cosy house in those winter months

  • Busy multitasking around the house? No problem, ask your smart speaker to turn on the lights, close the blinds or turn off the heating

  • Bright lights in the home office, dimmed lighting in the living room, choose the perfect lighting for every room of the house

We work with a range of brands including Nest, Google, Hive, Ring, Lutron, Sonos and Bang & Olufsen to create the perfect smart home the suits your needs.

MJF Electrical have been awarded Gold Installer Status by Lutron, the leading brand in Smart Home Automation.

Lutron offers the latest in smart home technology. Schedule lights to automatically adjust at set times of the day or based on your location. Set mood lighting zones around your house and so much more! With a variety of ways to control your Lutron smart lighting, you’re always in control even when you’re a million miles away.

Plus, all equipment can be fitted retroactively without any messy upheavals or rewiring required!

Wondering about affordability?

Integrated smart home devices are more affordable than you think. We offer packages to suit every home and budget. So, if you’re looking at taking the next steps towards smart automation, contact us to discuss your options.

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