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At MJF Electrical we offer a fast and efficient rewiring service within the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire area. We ensure a smooth rewire service from start to finish.

We are experienced rewire specialists and pride ourselves on our simple, transparent and stress-free approach.
As a homeowner, we know that rewiring your home can be a daunting prospect. At MJF our professional electricians take the stress out of the rewire process for you. We use the latest tools and technology to minimise mess and our additional plastering service ensures you return to a home that is clean, tidy and ready to decorate.
You should always hire a professional electrician to complete your home rewire to ensure it complies with all relevant regulations and safety standards. We are fully accredited, so you can be safe in the knowledge your electrical rewire will be completed to the highest standards.
  • Most rewires completed within 5 days
  • Minimal mess and disruption
  • Approved & accredited contractors
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • 5* rated electricians
  • Professional plastering service available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The safety of your home is your number one priority and outdated or faulty wiring can pose hazardous risks, from house fires to electric shocks.

    We recommended that wiring is renewed every 25-30 years to assure electrical safety and efficiency. Major renovations or room extensions may also require a full or partial rewire to comply with Part P (Electrical Safety) of the Building Regulations.

    Additional signs that you may need a rewire include:

    • Regularly blown fuses

    • Flickering lights

    • Electric shocks from plugs

    • Sparks from sockets

    • Buzzing or crackling noises

    • Burning smell or burn marks on sockets

    • An old-style fuse box

    • Old or outdated sockets and switches

    • Wiring which is coated in rubber, fabric or lead

  • During a full rewire, our electricians will remove all the electrical wiring, lights, sockets and switches in every room of your house and replace with new units that comply with the latest regulations. We can also add or move sockets & switches to suit your needs or upgrade your home to include the latest smart technology.

    At MJF Electrical we promise a smooth and hassle-free rewire completed, on average, within just 5 days. We use the latest dust extraction tools to minimise mess and our electricians always clean up after themselves, so you can rest assured you will return home to a clean and tidy house. We can also offer a professional plastering service to leave your walls in perfect condition following your rewire.

  • There are many attractive benefits to having your home rewired. These include:


    First and foremost, the primary incentive for a rewire is improved safety for your home. Rewiring your house significantly reduces the risk of electrical faults that could result in fires or electrical injury. The importance of safe and up-to-date electrical wiring in your home cannot be overlooked.

    Electrical Efficiency

    Houses built before the 1960s are typically powered by 60-amp systems, whilst this was adequate at the time, the demand of modern electrical equipment exceeds this. This low power can result in appliances tripping or burning out regularly and could pose a fire risk as well as damaging your electrical items. During a full rewire, you will be upgraded to a higher capacity system, ensuring your electrical appliances run safely and more efficiently.

    Property Value 

    A full rewire will increase the value of your home as well as being more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.

    Redesigned Layout

    Are your sockets in an inconvenient location? Do you find you never have enough sockets for what you need? A full rewire is a great time to redesign your electrical layout to suit your specific requirements and futureproof your home for additional electrical appliances.


    Technology has advanced rapidly over the last 20 years and a rewire is a great opportunity to modernise your home by upgrading to the latest technology. We can install everything from smart home lighting to CCTV cameras and video doorbells.

    Home Insurance

    Most insurers require an up-to-date electrical safety certificate and can refuse to insure houses with old, faulty or outdated electrical wiring.

  • The cost of a rewire depends on a number of factors from property type and size to the age and construction of the build.


    Please note the prices below are for guidance only, a personalised quote will be produced based on your specific property and requirements.


    1 bedroom flat – from £2500+VAT

    2 bedroom house – from £3200+VAT

    2 bedroom flat – from £3000+VAT

    3 bedroom house – from £3700+VAT

    3 bedroom flat – from £3500+VAT

    4 bedroom house – from £4200+VAT

    2 bedroom bungalow – from £3200+VAT

    5 bedroom house – from £5000+VAT

  • We offer a fast and efficient rewire service in Gloucestershire and pride ourselves on our stress free approach to rewires. Simply enjoy a week away and come home to a clean, tidy and rewired home.

    • Most rewires completed within 5 days

    • Minimal mess and disruption

    • Approved & accredited contractors

    • Competitive and transparent pricing

    • 5* rated electricians

    • Professional plastering service available

“We’ve recently used MJF Electrical ltd to rewire our new home. From the initial visit, to the completion of work, Matt and his team were utterly professional in everything they did. The house was kept spotless at the end of everyday, the team were very polite and kept us informed on progress throughout the job. I will certainly be recommending their services to friends and family.”


– Ryan Clarke

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