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The technological demand of modern life has increased dramatically over the last 20-30 years and, as a result, you may find your home’s electrical setup is no longer adequate for your needs. As a homeowner, upgrading and futureproofing your home is a smart investment for your future. Our most popular upgrade options include:

  • Additional Plug Sockets
  • Fuseboard Upgrades & RCD Protection
  • Electric Shower Installation
  • Extractor Fan Installation
  • Outdoor Sockets & Power Supply
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Lighting Upgrades

Additional Sockets:


There are a variety of reasons why you may need new sockets installed. With more appliances than ever before, you may struggle with a lack of conveniently located sockets and find yourself running hazardous and unsightly extension leads around your home. We recommend each appliance has its own socket, installed by a professional electrician, to avoid the risk of overloading your circuit. Your plug sockets may also need replacing if you notice discolouration, scorch marks, sparking, a buzzing/popping sound or a burning smell.

The advantages of replacing or installing new sockets include conveniently locating them to suit your room layout and the ability to upgrade to more practical or stylish solutions.

Wall socket
White double socket with USB ports next to a plant

We offer a range of options including:

  • USB sockets
  • Concealed worktop solutions
  • Chrome-plated units
  • Toggle switches

Many modern appliances are supplied with a USB connection which require bulky plug adaptors. A USB socket eliminates the need for adaptors and allows you to connect your devices straight to the mains. USB sockets are especially useful near TV units for entertainment appliances and by the side of the bed for charging portable devices.

Tuck away unsightly kitchen plugs by installing hidden options in your kitchen counters or simply swap basic white units for beautiful chrome finishes to suit your décor.

We also provide outdoor plug sockets.

Fuseboard Upgrades

Do I need to upgrade my fuse box?

Providing your electrical installation is safe and meets the current BS7671 requirements for an electrical installation then you won’t need to upgrade. Of course, it’s very difficult to ascertain this information just by “looking” at your installation. The best way to check is to have an electrical inspection on your property.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that you would benefit from upgrading your fuse box, these include:

  • You have an old fusebox with a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a haphazard mixture of both – these will need replacing, for your own safety.
  • You have decided to rent out your property and are aware your electrics have not been upgraded for several years (it is now law to have an EICR test every 5 years as a landlord).
  • You don’t have any provision of residual current devices (RCDs).
  • You are planning a building or improvement project such as a new electric shower, Solar PV, an extension or an attic conversion and additional wiring and new circuits will need to be installed.
Consumer unit fuse board
A consumer unit fuse board with RCD label

What is an RCD?

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is designed to automatically switch off electricity if it detects a fault. It protects against the risk of electrocution and fire in the fraction of a second.

An RCD is constantly monitoring the flow of electrical currents. If it detects an unintended pathway, such as a person touching a live wire, the circuit will switch off quickly, reducing the risk of death and significant injury.

Old style fuseboards do not have RCD protection built-in so it’s a sensible safety precaution to upgrade if you have not already done so.

Electric Shower Installation

You should never attempt to wire an electric shower yourself, Part P regulations state they must be installed by a competent person. Improper installation could cause electric shocks, explosions, burns or even fires. An electric shower will require its own circuit, MCB and must be connected to an RCD due to the high demand of electricity. We can safely install your electric shower so you can enjoy a long, hot shower with peace of mind.

White and gold electric shower
Extractor fan on bathroom wall above shower

Extractor Fan Installation

Poor ventilation in your home, particularly in areas with a high risk of condensation such as the bathroom and kitchen, can lead to costly and harmful mould issues. Eradicating damp is a lot harder than simply preventing it. Regardless of whether you’re looking to replace an old fan or install a new one, we can help.


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